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MB2 Consultants is the one-stop shop for your business needs related to sustainability, climate change and health and safety.
Where we can help:


Overall management of Sustainability, Climate Change and Health and Safety.

  • Assessing performance and compliance opportunities.
  • Improving sustainability, GHG emissions and health and safety performance
    in the supply chain.
  • Identifying sectoral or regional best practices and recommending indicators
    and targets.
  • Stakeholder management. Internal and external engagement plans.
  • Mentoring and training sustainability and health and safety professionals.
  • Providing expert input and supporting specific initiatives.
  • Achieving and demonstrating compliance with clients sustainability, climate
    change and health and safety requirements.
  • Implementing volunteering programs.
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Adoption or enhancement of focused Sustainability initiatives.

  • Embedding sustainability into business strategy, policies and procedures.
  • Preparing sustainability reports.
  • Evaluating the adoption certification and sustainability schemes.
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance sustainability contributions of products
    and services. 
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce costs with waste, materials and use of
    natural resources.
  • Implementing waste minimisation programs.

Improve business health and safety performance.

  • Identifying e advising on health and safety compliance and performance.
  • Advising on the alignment of strategy with plans, KPIs and targets
  • Implementing health and safety audit programs, incident investigation, and
  • Improving the quality and results of health and safety management systems.
  • Improving health and safety governance, including the board, management, 
    leadership, committees, representatives and teams.
  • Establishing industrial hygiene, occupational health and wellbeing programs.
  • Managing critical risks.

Manage business risks and opportunities related to climate change.

  • Assessing climate-related risks and opportunities.
  • Supporting climate disclosures through TCFD reporting.
  • Greenhouse gases emissions inventory.
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